Animal welfare

Animal welfare and environmental sustainability are two interconnected aspects. Respect for animals has always been part of our culture but in the last decade the legislator focused to treatment during the rearing and slaughtering phase.

Care for animal welfare can therefore be considered one of the strategies to improve the environmental sustainability of farms and can also contribute to the reduction of climate change thanks to the attention to the biodiversity of crops, the agricultural systems adopted, to the commitment to saving water and banning the use of harmful substances.

The European Union has also paid great attention to the end of life of animals. Thanks to the EC Regulation 1099/2009, controls have been increased to reduce the suffering of animals in the slaughterhouse.
The raw leather used by our company comes from food industry waste. Our supply chain is circular and sustainable.

La Scarpa tannery is committed to choosing qualified suppliers who can guarantee the application of the best animal welfare protocols or regulated procedures for killing. In particular, the principles that we ask to follow to ensure animal welfare are: the freedom to express natural behavior preferably outdoors, freedom from hunger and thirst during breeding and conditions of humane treatment at the end of life.